Very rarely, we will publish a guest article or interview on a topic relating to our core focus (conflict, security, development, governance) and regions of interest (Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan). These are generally requested by the editors, but we will also consider unsolicited contributions on a highly-selective and case-by-case basis. Our readership includes the world’s leading thinkers, analysts, and policymakers working on or in the Middle East, North Africa, and Afghanistan.

Please use the form below to contact the editors with a pitch of no more than 300 words. Also include your affiliation, or what qualifies you to cover your chosen topic, in the appropriate field. In the case of an interview submission, briefly describe your interviewee’s qualifications to speak on the chosen topic in your pitch. We will not review pitches that are significantly longer than this limit, nor will we read finished pieces or submissions that fall outside our scope of analysis. Before contacting us, carefully review our previously-published interviews and articles.

We regret that it is impossible to respond to every submission we receive, and will only contact authors whose idea we would like to pursue. If you have not heard from us within five days, we unfortunately cannot move ahead with your submission.